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Parts & Supply Listing

Below you will find a partial list of the inventory parts we support and sell at VIEGR. Any question contact us.

                  Inventory List 1





P/N  11728173

1240-00-363-7510   F/N            Linkage

P/N 7573291

1240-00-757-3291   F/N           Collimator

P/N 5911336

5180-01-558-2771   F/N           Tool Kit Electro

SCI-2320-13R                          FILTER

5905-00-445-1470                  RESISTOR

5310-00-26-8899                    SHIM

2810-00-215-9630                  LOCK WASHER

5330-00-118-4350                  GASKET

5310-00-187-158                    WASHER

5330-00-807-721                    O-RING

5330-00-508-2639                  SEAL

530395-0036G                        SEAL

95-2244                                  SCHRAUBE

5365-01-421-4244                  SPACER

5305-01-179-0907                  SCREW

5962-01-238-5501                   MICROCIRCUIT

AE2460000G0301                    HOSE

5430-00-811-2618                   CLAMP

5330-00-248-3845                   PACKING

5305-01-145-8346                   SCREW

5310-00-167-1285                   NUT

4730-00-189-3034                  PLUG

5330-01-209-9861                   GASKET

4510-01-070-5681                   CHECK VALVE

1610-00-932-6756                   BALANCE WAIG

5315-01-055-8558                   PIN

5305-00-058-4011                   SCREW

5305-00-058-4018                   SCREW

5330-00-420-7591                   O-RING

5340-01-297-4097                   BRACKET


1560-00-568-1185                    FLEX DUCT

4730-00-278-3017                    PIPE PLUG

5920-00-131-9973                    FUSE

5930-01-013-1073                    SWITCH


5306-00-753-4039                    BOLT

5310-00-800-0692                    NUT

10-51154                                   CLIP

1610-00-222-4525                    COP

5310-01-105-7241                    WASHER

5330-01-171-1838                     METALIC SEAL

5315-00-343-2463                     PIN

5330-01-400-0716                     FELT

5330-00-171-5054                     LINIG

1105650                                     SPRING

AN-6232C3/4                             KIT

10-51120                                    SPRING


5306-00-752-1457                      BOLT

5935-00-333-3088                      NUT

MS-551957-76                            SCREW

5305-00-282-3475                      SCREW

5305-00-449-2251                      SCREW

5360-00-689-4942                      SPRING

3120-00-229-1685                      SLEEVE

MS-21245-212                            BOLT

5310-00-440-9912                      NUT

5305-00-057-0524                      SCREW

5305-00-851-4229                      SCREW

5305-00-058-6870                      SCREW

5925-00-681-4952                      CIRCUIT

5310-00-449-3577                      SCREW

6145-00-705-6678                      WIRE

5340-00-522-4882                      INSERT

AN-381-2-7                                 PIN

5935-00-134-0921                      CENNECTOR

6615-00-453-5670                      VERT DIS GYRO

6615-01-031-7270                      VERT DIS GYRO

6615-00-167-9757                      DIRECTIONAL GYRO

6605-00-531-2992                      TRANSMITTER GYRO

6605-00-487-4773                      COMPRESATOR GYRO

C8FF-10383-A                            RETAINER

340-6220613                              GASKET

5905-00-501-1927                      RESISTOR

AN-155B16S                               TRANSISTOR

872159                                        BARREL

PTY-256                                     RESISTOR

5315-00-957-9395                      PIPE REPA KIT

5310-00-975-2075                      NUt

5315-00-842-3044                      PIN

5995-00-551-6435                      LEAD

SPE-16140                                  LEAD ASSY

2325-01-225-4891                      UNION

5000-150B                                  WING

M13486-1-12                              RETAINER

6145-00-805-3359                      WIRE

BR-A301                                      PACKING

234-755                                       RETAINER

4820-01-094-2690                       VALVE

AE-2460000E0114                      HOSE

726427                                         HOSE

2084-249                                      BOLT

4KM-4                                          LEVER

L16975                                         FITTING

5930-00-440-2576                       SWITCH

MS 90729-156                             Bolt                 

NAN 1649CN616K                       Washer          

MS 51959-2B                               Screw           

AS 3209-133                               Packing          

MS 21043-6                                 Nut                 

STD 3121-02                               Plug                

MS20392-3C93                           Pin                  

AN 818-10                                  Nut                 

JH 11944-5                                 Shim               

81811-820                                  Nut                  

Tape Black   1'  wire 3M
02532330003            Powerr Driv rot Pump
0725175                      Refueling Adapter
07251185                   Refueling Adapter
0727510                     Fuel Cap
0727540                     Fuel Cap
1023441                     Valve
10605298                   Fuel Shutoff Valve
10605331                   Plug In Booster Pump
10605336                   Plug in Booster Pump
10605337                   Plug-In Booster Pump
1061110002               Actuator
10613935                    Fueling Manifold
10613937                    Fueling Manifold
10620491                    Fuel Boost Pump
10620492                    Fuel Boost Pump
10620493                    Fuel Boost Pump
10620494                    Fuel Boost Pump
107728A100               Motor
107728A101               Motor
107728A122               Motor
107728A125               Motor
107728A130               Motor
107796A108               Actuator
107796A110               Actuator
107796A115               Actuator
107970                        Valve Body Assy
1079701                     Valve Body assy
1123031                     Fuel Boost Pump
11230311                  Fuel Boost Pump
112304                      Fuel Boost Pump
112332                      Fuel Boost Pump
11250802                  Fuel Pump/Motor Assy
11250803                  Fuel Pump/Motor assy
11250804                  Fuel Pump/Motor assy
11250806                  Fuel Pump/Motor assy
11250806                  Fuel Pump/Motor assy
112631                      Fuel Boost Pump
1140008216             Fuel Level Indicator
12111311                 Feedback Cable Reset Actuator
1211175007            Actuator VSV
1211175010            Actuator,Variable Stator
1211175011            Actuator Variable Stator
1211175018            Avtuator Variable Stator
1211175018            Actuator Variable Stator
1211245010            Actuator Variable Stator
S382100164S110           S1450002040114
S112930264                    S1450202B192135
S112960170                    S145S916D
S114D404411                 S16B900830167
S116740100                    S17D730G02
S116740120                    S217041400W
S116740130                    S217041400WS
S116740164                    S218121308W
S116740230                    S219031300W000
S116760220                    S2190402006
S116760240                    S219040206
S116760260                    S219041500W
S116780220                    S219042000
S1168202712                 S219042006
S1168203012                 S219081600
S1168610                       S2380060314
S123610130                  S2448164120
S123630125                  S2448166201040
S123630190                  S24481664120
S123630415                  S24481664120
S123640310                  S24481680860142
S123640315                  S2448168D860142
S123640350                  S2448169R200480
S123640380                  S2448170320494
S123640415                  S2448183B100146
S123640540                  S2448185R160311
S12366D0112                S244818B100146
S12366D0155                S2450008160112
S1236C60120                S2450008160113
S1450000060190          S2450265S120200
S1450000080120          S249560620
S145000040190            S249580170
S249580184                   S249580272
S249580306                   S2540265S160200
S2548087320450          S2548087320493
S254803204993            S2548087S160106
S2548087S160511        S2548405A000367
S2549467C800834        S2553669240334
S255366924035             S2553669240354
S25536692435               S2554160220
S25544160220               S255444140080
S255444140100             S255444140120
S255444140132             S255444140150
S255444140170             S255444140180
S255444140204             S255444140210
S255444140260             S255444140270
S255444140280             S255444140300
S255444140374             S255444140390


 TOOL FOR  250 Rolls-Royce Engine   &






MD 500  MD 600 Helicopters


    P/N                   Desription


6793504              Seal Instalation Kit

6795582              Roter tie bolt stretch Tool

6795586             Compression rear brg ret. spanner

6795588             Wrench holding 32/64 pinch 24 toot

6795589             Holder

6795590             Puller Bearing gas Prod

6795591             Compressor rear brg & Seal

6795594             Fixture assy compres  Rotor

6795596M         Compression rotor dis-assy

6795597             Spanner Wrench

6795614             Plr/PSHR Idler Gear

6795633             Attaching Gas Producer

6795635             Instl/Rem gas prod. tie bolt

6795637             Adapter

6795644             Bearing Nut Wrench

6795645             Power Turbine rear bearing pooler

6795646            Sep.power turbine & gas prod

6795966            Complete Disassebley

6795969            Holder torquemeter saft supportor

6795974            Torquemeter Shaft alignment tool

6795981            Pwr turbine coupling inner race

6795984            Power turbine holder shaft

6795985            Wrench pwr turbine shaft

6795988            PT Coupling inner nut clamp

6795990            Dummy Brg pwr turb shaft front

6795992            Gas prod turbine rear dummy brg

6795993            Joining & seperating pwr

6795997            Press

6796918            Instl turbine & exh colct supt oil                                       bellows


6796920           Oil jet gas generator brg

6796922           Pshr instl pwr turb ball brg

6792930           Pshr instl pwr turb ball brg

6796930           Acc Gear box instl plate

6796941           Seal replacement kit acc gear box

679694112      Adapter

679694113      Guide

679694114      Starter seal guide

679694116      Punch

679694117      Punch

679694118      Pusher

6796941200    Tach Gen Puller

6796941201    Starter generator pull seal

6798803          Compr. rear labyrinth rotating

6798807          Compr lube oil filter

6798838          Gas Prod turbo tie bolt

6798845          Turbine 2nd Stage spline Adapter

6798848          Vibration pick up to Meter  cable assy

6798849          Vibration pickup Bracket assy 250-C18

6798854          Insulator

6798860          Puller Lube oil Filter Cap

6798925         Gas Prod 2nd stage wheel locknut

6798926         Gas prod 1st stage wheel Locknut

6798927         Compressor Impeller assy

6798928         Seal Puller

6798982         Planetary Gear & Brg assy wrench

6798984         Front & Rear reduction gear housing                              adap

6799199        Anti-Icing air Adapter Vanve

6799518        Gas prod ball brg & labyrinth seal puller

6799700        Puller vibration damper front BRG

6799790        Engine turning Adapter

6799841        Press Oil Turb Pwr Tube Assy

6799850        Spark Igniter Test Fixture

6799952        Turbine Instalation Clamp

6799953        Instl Compr Scroll to Air Duct Clamp

6799954        PWR Turbine outer coupling nut

6799955        Fixture assy Turbine

67999556      Wrench Retainer

67999559      Wrench

6799973        Puller Seal Turbine Bollows type

6851348        Gear Box Adapter

6854349        Plenum Air Inlet

6872162        Sub assy pressure test fixture

6872164        Turb Gas Prod Rotor assy adapter                                    fixture

6872165        Gauge internal helical drive gear

6872166        Helical drive gear assy internal gauge

6872176        Puller Seal Assy Oil Bellows

6872272        Scroll insert diffuser assy wrench

6772282        Vibration pickup reduction gear box

6772477        Spanner Pwr turb coupling inner nut                              wre

6872533        Instalation & Removal conpr Tie Bolt

6872534        Aligning Comp Rotor Fixture

6872539        Comp Vibration pickup mounting                                    bracke

6872541         Power turb support protective

6893367         Internal drive Gear assy

6893369         Mounting vibration Adapter

6893376         Attaching gas prod ficture Adapter

68933733       Wrench

6893377         Bearing Press

6893379         Drift Pwr drive Gear Bearing

6893381         Power train gear brg puller

6893382         Compress Rotor Adapter

6893383         Ficture comp axis Alignment

6893384         BRG Bore Alignment Ficture

6893385         Guide, P takeoff roller BRG

6893387         Wrench torquemeter shaft nut

6893389         Plate BRG Puller torquemeter

6893390         Tomtr. shaft roller Brg drift

6893391         Brg Puller Torquemeter piston assy

6893392         Brg Puller Plate

6893397         Instl fuel pump adapter Brg Drift

6893398         Plate Brg puller shaft front

6893399         Plate Brg Puller Shaft rear

6893501         Drift spur Adapter Gearshaft

6893503         Spline Adapter gear chaking Gauge

6893504         Pusher seal instl seal support

6893505         Pusher Seal

6893506         seal Instl. Tachometer Pusher

6893507         Seal Instl. power turb Pusher

6893508         Seal Instl. Fuel Pusher

6893509         Seal instl. St/Gen support Pusher

6893511         Bearing Removal Plate

6893512         Drift Brg Idler & cent Breather

6893514         Drift Brg Fuel pump Str/Gener

6893515         Plate Puller 12mmx37mmx12mm Brg

6893516         torquemeter shaft support Puller

6893517         Plate, Puller 12mmx28mmx8xx Brg

6893518         Drift 12mmx37mmx12mm Brgs

6893520         Drift Tach & Gov. Gearshaft

6893521         Plate, 12mmx42mmx13mm Brg puller

6893522         Brg Idler gearshaft drift

6893523         Plate, Puller oil pump shaft

6893525         Plate, Instl gear box Brg

6893526         Pliers Retainer Ring

6893532         F&R Brg Power take off drift

6898258         Plate Align Check support Brg bore

6898259         Front support Brg Bore Align

6898260         plate, Align check F/S Brg bore

6898261         Plug Align chec front Brg Housing Bore

6898299        ficture balance P/Turb Rotor

6898400        Gas Prod turb Bal Fixture

6898412        Comp. Seal spring plate

6898418        Knurled Cup

6899940        Bleed Air Manifold assy

6899957        fuel Injector Gauge

6899966        Fixture Compus. liner Positioning

E2101            Fuel system Cartridge Removal tool

T18524          Oil Sump Straightening Tool

T18701          Engine Stand Drip Pan

T18713          Gear box Drain Tool for C40B Series


MD 500/MD600/ MD Explore Flotation Equipment


20408101                 Slip on Utility Float  LH

20408102                 Slip on Utility Float RH

20408103                 Slip on Utility Float LH

20408104                 Slip on Utility Float RH

204111                     Skid Extension

HF500101                Utility Float LH

HF500102                Utility Foat RH

HF500103                Utility Float LH

HF500104                Utility Float RH

SH5803Nm              Slip on Utility Floats

500N95051M          Notar driveshaft coupling socket

500N95061M          Notar Fan Nut Socket

500N99013              Rigging Pin assy

600N1002                Vertical Tab bending Tool

600N60511ATP1    Sizing Tool

600N60511CF1       Clamping Fixture

600N60521ATP1     Piston Wrench

AFTI900P7661         Fuel Cell Rod  (4pcs)

D3332041                Pin Assy

D3332043                Pin Assy

369D2360180910   Horizontal stabilizer assy gauge

369D2512130201   Holding Fixture input gear

369D2512530201   Holding fixture output gear

369D2514880901   Output shaft Brg removal tool

369D2543030201   Holding fixture gear shaft

369D2630080901   Damper overhaul charging tool

369D298223            Tail Rotor cross head holding

369D298225            Arench Only

369D298235           Nut Wrench D model  (old Design)

369D298235A         Nut Wrench D model                                                          (New design) 

369A9917                SeaL sIZING tOOL

369a99273              COLLECTIVE rIGGING r/h

369a99285              FIXTURE

369a99289              RIGGING fIXTURE 4d MODEL lh

369a99295              r/h fIXTURE rIGGING

369a99299             LONG, rIGGING tOOL

369a992819           Rig fIXTURE lAT cYCLIC

369a9930               RIGGING PLATE mIXER

369a99315            RIGGING tOOL

369a9932              PULLER 2 jAW  c mODEL  7075al

369a99335            MAIN rOTOR DRIVE ASSY

369a9936              COLL bUNGEE

369a99375            T/R nUT wRENCH c MODEL

                                rb Design

369A9949              M/R Damper Torque Adapter

369A9957              M/R Driveshaft torque adapter

369A9960              Barrel Wrench

369A9961              Barrel Wrench M/R transm.

                               C model

369A9962             T/R Brg Extractor C Model

369A9963             Barrel Wrench

369A9965             Arbor Spline

369A9966             Barrel Wrench set T-handle 2 pcs

369S9967             Puller Bearing Model

369A9970            Swaging Set

369A9974            Dummy Shaft

369A9983            Torque Adapter

369A9990            Puller Bearing Output Shaft

369A9991            Puller, Brg Input ShaFT











Misc Parts & Products
         Greases & Specialtys
We Have Filters For Aircraft & Helicopters
Military Vihicles Oil Seals
4000 Green Powder Coating
6000 powder Coating
3000 Blue Powder Coating
SM431 HT Glass Cloth
HT Crepe
LT Crepe
SM80 Red Platers Film
SM500  Non-Adhesive Vinyl
94701 Vinyl Platers
SM827 LDPE Plating
SM800 Lead Foil
3M421 Lead Foil
3M425 Aluminum Foil
Compac 805 Aluminum
Industrial Tape Lines
Flat Silicone
Washer Silicone
Wzy Silicone
HT Vinyl
Silicone Cap Cone
Poly Cap/Plug
Green Neoprene Tapered
Self Threading
Silicone Tapered
Silicone Flangeless
RDPM Pull Plug
Siliconene Pull Plug
Silicone Washer
Silicone Washer Stopper
Silk o-Masks
Cable Hardware
Clips & Pins
Heat Shrink Tubing
Nuts & Bolts
Circuit Breakers
Specialty Sealants
Contact Adhesives
Primers & Top Coats
Thinners & Reducers
Lacing & Waxed Cords
DUCTS/HOSES & Fittings
Couplings Fittings
Jet-Start/Lavatory And
Airconditioning Hoses.
BP 2380, 2197, 274, 25, 2389,
Aeroshell  500, 555, 560,750
Skydrol 500B-4, LD-4, 5
Exxon Hy Jet IV A+,V
Royco  756, 782
Mobil Grease 27, 28,33
Mobil Avia Gease SHC 100
AeroShell 7, 14, 22, 33
Aviation & Mil SPEC
Piston Oils, Alglas Cleaners
LPS Cleaners/DegreaSERS


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