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VIEGR I.A.S.P. LLC  has been in the business of supplying spare parts & Repairs  for Military,AirForce, Navy.since 1982 (VIEGR I.A.S.P. LLC  and our affiliates). Currently our products are sold all over the U.S. and exported to over 20 allied countries. Connected to the World Wide Web, we are fully computerized, have an extensive database with 800,000 original U.S. drawings.

Commercially, we & affiliates have available over US$2,000,000 in replacement parts for your B-Series, 6-CT, K-Series, L-10, M-11, NT-855, and N-14 needs, & any other parts.


We and our affiliates are fully capable of supplying parts both new and rebuilt for all major components.We can offer our servicepartnenrs a one stop convenience for repair,overhaul. and supply of power train components to a number of vehicles including: TANKS  M-60, M-48, M-41 & variants Scorpion and Stingray.  ARMOURED OERSONNEL CARRIERS. M-113, V-150 and Brandley LAV-25. SELF-PROPELLED HOWITZERS. M44, M52, M107, M110, M108, M109.  TRUCKS.  CUCV & Hummer, M35, M44, M54, M809, M-939 Series. TOWED ARTILLERY. M-101, M-102, M114, M115, M119, M-198.   ARMOURED ENGINEERING VEHICLES. M-88, M-88A1, M-88A2, M-578, M-728, M-992, & FAASV.  TRANSMISSIONS: CD-500 & CD-850

XTG-411, TX-100, TX-200, XT1410. HMPT-500.  ENGINES: AVDS-1790, 8V71T, 6V53T, VT-903.

GM  6.5 Diesel Engine,  New cooling Systems, New Brake System, New electrical system including a brushless & noiseless Alternator.

Air Conditioning, Driver's night viewer, Day & Night Vehicle Gunner's Sight with Laser Rangefinder (90mm variants) Commander's Day & Night Imaging system (90mm variants) Electrical turret drive system (90mm variants) Hutchinson run-flat tire system, GPS receiver & tectical navigation.

We also have select parts for other U.S. and foreign made diesel engines. Cummins Parts. Call us for your trucking, industrial, farming, forestry, and marine diesel engine needs. For more information e-mail: VIEGR  I.A.S.P LLC  our contact information is listed below.


WE CAN LOCATE ANY HARD TO FIND PARTS,  Please e-mail us the parts you need and we can heve you the quote in less then 48 hours

Our old Website : is out Following is our new web and e-mail.


                     Thank you   our  Web:     e-mail:            Phone: 813-991-4402

                                                                                                                Fax:       813-474-5564

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